From France To The Philippines: Hairdresser Mehdi Moussaoui

(This piece was previously published on EventsVenue PH.)

A WOMAN’S crowning glory is her hair, and no one understands this better than French hair artist Mehdi Moussaoui. An experienced stylist with 28 years of experience in showing “the French touch around the world,” Mehdi Moussaoui’s work has taken him all over the globe, to places like Morocco, Tunisia, India, the United Kingdom, China, and Saudi Arabia. Now, Mehdi is based here in the Philippines, bringing his flair and expertise to Manila and enhancing Filipina beauty with his careful, well-trained hands.

To achieve his status as a top-notch, sought-after hair artist, Mehdi had to train for many years in order to gain the skills necessary in the field of hairstyling. At fifteen years old, he began training with a mentor. He spent seven years watching and learning under his mentor’s tutelage. Mehdi recalls the first year of his career in hairstyling, where the only thing he did was shampoo hair and clean the salon. When his mentor deemed him ready for his first foray into hairstyling, he recalls feeling “so shy but proud at the same time.” It is this experience that motivates him to stay humble and simple, and to continue learning and growing despite his secure spot at the top. “The hair industry changes every day, and they strive to learn new techniques every day as well. I know I am not the best one in the world, but I learn every day in my life,” says Mehdi.

Mehdi passes on his passion for growth and improvement to his team. At Franck Provost, the Makati-based franchise of the French chain of salons, Mehdi says his team has trained many years to give their clients the best experience. “All team members are trained to handle the French technical services,” says Mehdi.

Mehdi believes that going to the salon is not just about cutting hair, but also about making them feel at home and relaxed. “I want to give clients relief from their stress,” says Mehdi. “Enjoy the best moments, even if it’s only for an hour to get their hair done.” Franck Provost brings the French touch to Manila, providing their customers with a beautiful, relaxing ambiance from entrance to exit. At Franck Provost, Mehdi things that each customer should have their “exceptional moment as a princess or a prince.”

Because they do quality work at Franck Provost, Mehdi pays attention to the smallest details. He actively works with his team to find the best, most effective techniques and processes. He says that he enjoys working with a team composed of French and Filipino people. “No one can say he knows everything,” says Mehdi. “We share knowledge from different parts of the world.” He imbibes his team with strict sense of work ethic so they can achieve the best results. He eagerly listens to client feedback. He says that nice advice, good feedback, and client referrals make their hard work fulfilling. “The client’s smile is the most rewarding,” says Mehdi.

Aside from training their in-house team, Mehdi is always on the lookout for new services to offer their clients and new talents to train in the art of hairstyling. At the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS), founded by the Franck Provost Philippines group, Mehdi teaches classes on different hairstyling techniques. He trains salon interns weekly so that they, too, may become full-fledged hairstylists in time. With this, Mehdi hopes to grow the number of Franck Provost salons in the Philippines.

When he’s not training new hairstylists at the Center for Aesthetic Studies or styling hair himself at the Franck Provost salon, Mehdi engages in photoshoots for magazines. He’s worked on various US publications as a creative director, and is glad to be able to represent the Philippines in this respect. Mehdi never forgets to acknowledge his team, because he knows that seeing one’s name printed in a foreign magazine is always a delight to anyone.

During his time in Morocco, he was tasked to work with English supermodel Naomi Campbell for a week. “It was my first time to blow-dry hair with eight bodyguards around,” recalls Mehdi. Naomi saw that he was stressed and touched his hand, saying “Relax, they will not hurt you.” Mehdi describes it was a top model experience.

Mehdi has worked with all kinds of people. From top models to office workers alike, he believes that everyone deserves to be beautiful. “From everyday worker to famous celebrity, VIP is the minimum treatment for all clients,” affirms Mehdi. He knows that hair can make or break a woman’s confidence, and how changing hairstyles can be an emotional, empowering experience. “Our work is amazing because a lot of ladies trust me and they give me their trust to change their hairstyles,” says Mehdi. His work does not stop in the salon but continues at even after the client leaves. “I want the lady to be able to style and manage her hair easily from her own home.”

If you’re looking to change your life and your hair or if you’re searching for that perfect, timeless hairstyle to capture your beauty at its peak on that one special day, Mehdi Moussaoui is the man for you. See more of his work on Facebook.